Quote Me

“I don’t know how to catch a tiger, but it is not by backing it into a corner” –Alok Deb
Ashok Deb:
“There is no way I can go into 2020 with only 2 

“You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”
    “Mine fields are meant to be walked in.”
  “Wisdom isn’t knowing what will happen, it’s knowing what could.”
“What is Plan B? Making Plan A work.”
“Love is a one-way street, that sometimes has two-way traffic.”
“Did you work out today? Because your enemy did.”
“Safest place to be is in the Will of God.”  
“You should exit this room like you would a minefield: carefully and the same way you came in.”  
“In life and in leadership, we learn more from the bad than the good.”
  “The best place to be is outside of your comfort zone but inside your sweet spot.”
“We all owe a death.”
“You can’t save anyone’s life…you can only extend it.”
“They died doing what they loved, we should all be so lucky.”

“In theory…”

“Home is wherever I am.”

“I now run like I swim. I’m not gonna die, but you wouldn’t know that from afar.”

“Drown calmly.”

“Coding involves three things: copy, paste, run.”

“It’s against my religion to turn down free drinks/food.”
“Security is a process not a product.” 
“There better be an even number of you missing.” (As a Company Commander, to soldiers being told to return for accountability formation.)  
My Favorites:

“I live my life 1/4 mile at a time.“ –Fast and the Furious

“Touche.” –Devika Dhir

“Welcome to NYC, where we will accept your beliefs and criticize you shoes.” –Billboard entering NYC  

“A man cannot cross the same river twice, for he won’t be the same man, and it won’t be the same river”-Unknown 

“I am not uncertain.” –Billions